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Member recruitment


Training guides


Establish goals


Program promotion

Digital journey

Digital guest journey



Gift card



Analyzing results

Member offers

Member recruitment

Create a seamless and rewarding guest experience to convert members and drive loyalty. Our recommended mix of three categories of incentives to optimize recruitment by giving guests an immediate reason to enroll.

• Instant reward
• Convenience benefits
• Revisit trigger

Training guides

The optimal phygical (physical and digital combined) guest experience is created through a combination of frontline staff insights and aggregated data. Our guides and routine suggestions help streamline and simplify loyalty, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Guide cover
Dashboard with unique purchase insight.

Establishing goals

Measuring program performance with KPIs helps make changes based on market, season, and goals. Set goals for member recruitment, how often they visit, and how much they spend. Keep an eye on how things are going so you can make smart decisions.

Program promotion

There are many ways to recruit members, and our graphical kits offer a range of options. These include physical posters in various sizes and formats, as well as SoMe and web graphics that are easily accessible and editable.

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Program promotion
Customer communications

Digital customer journey

Personalize the digital guest experience based on member profile and behavior, to offer relevant communication. This boosts loyalty, increases visits and spending. Use our templates to create conversion-driving journeys easily.


Sending newsletters on a regular basis, with relevant updates and seasonal content, can result in instant conversions. We recommend maintaining a consistent frequency to establish brand familiarity.

We simplify the content creation by providing templates and inspiration throughout the year.

Campaign & Tier level


By utilizing campaigns that feature locked member prices, bonus incentives, member gift cards, and exclusive offers, you can stimulate a balanced flow of traffic throughout the year and incentivize direct bookings. Additionally, launching a campaign provides an excellent opportunity to communicate its benefits to your members through targeted messaging.

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Analyzing performance

The final step in the Loyco program strategy is to analyze your activities and results, and ensure that established routines are maintained. To facilitate this process, our Loyalty+ dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of key metrics such as member recruitment, average basket size, purchase frequency, and other relevant performance indicators.

Dashboard with an overview of return of investment on each activity.

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