Elevate growth with a Loyalty Program:
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Increase customer loyalty

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Customer loyalty made easy

Elevate growth with a loyalty program


Boost customer loyalty & retention

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Drive repeat sales & spending


Gain valuable customer insights


Enhance brand image & stand out

Boost loyalty and retention

To enhance loyalty and retention, consider offering your customers low-cost, high-value convenience benefits such as exclusive member rates, bonus earnings, and unique perks. These benefits can give your store a competitive edge, while also encouraging repeat business and fostering customer loyalty.

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Equip staff with top customer insights

Empower your sales associate with valuable customer insights to deliver better experiences, increase sales, and drive loyalty. With flexible integration options, you can create a hybrid digital and in-person experience for customers.

Target your newsletters

Boost customer engagement and loyalty by utilizing targeted communication through newsletters and seasonal content. By keeping customers informed about new arrivals and exciting offers, retailers can enhance sales and create a personalized experience for customers. Seasonal content can also be leveraged to promote new products or services, further increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

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Craft digital customer journeys

Create a personalized and digital customer experience based on member profiles and behavior, utilizing automated communication at every stage of the customer journey. This will boost loyalty, increase visits and spending, and our templates make it easy to create conversion-driving journeys.

Dashboard with unique purchase insight.

Effortlessly administrate members

Our dashboard provides retailers with a comprehensive overview of members, making it easy to create and modify bonus campaigns, gift cards, and other member perks. The intuitive interface simplifies administration, while our segmentation tool allows for tailored benefits based on any data, encouraging repeat purchases and boosting customer loyalty.

Seamless integration with POS and e-commerce systems

Loyco integrates seamlessly with your retail systems, including POS, ecommerce, and other relevant systems, to enhance the customer journey and provide maximum insights.

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