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Increase customer loyalty

Obtain customer insight

Automate rewards

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How it works

A person who register on his mobile.A person who register on his mobile.

1. WiFi Login

1. Simplify Data Collection

Your customer will easily log into the wifi and get all the information automatically.

Collect valuable data about your customers in a GDPR-compliant

2. Welcome Information

2. Improved Guest Journey

The customer will be greeted with a welcome e-mail regarding practical information about the stay. Such as breakfast times, hotel facilities, etc.

Enhance the customer experience by adding value and improving the customer journey.

A person with payment card and earned bonus. A person with payment card and earned bonus.

3. Tailored Customer Journey

3. Incentify Loyalty

Customers will obtain valuable and unique benefits such as bonus points and offers.

Create engagement and incenfity loyalty through personal attention and offers.

Person celebrating gift and bonus.Person celebrating gift and bonus.

4. Customers Choice

4. Generate ROI

The data collected is safetly protected and used based on the customers premises.

Loyal and happy customers will generate revenue and returns for your business.

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Data collection made easy

Elevate guest communication with valuable insights

Data collection

Data collection via existing WiFi


Automated newsletters and campaigns

Analytics (2)

Accurate result measuring

Collect captive portal

Collect data via existing WiFi

Collect data from visitors who connect to your WiFi network while complying with GDPR. Import customer lists or add a plugin to your website for easy and automated data collection and monitor real-time analytics in the Collect dashboard.

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Automated newsletters & campaigns

Create personalized and automated campaigns with segmentation and template editing. Stay in touch with guests and remind them about the best rates with direct bookings.We provide a communication strategy and a selection of templates to simplify your content creation process.

Showing images of the email builder and the dashboard with relevant data.
Image showing insight in how the newsletters, campaigns and automated communications are performing.

Accurate result measuring

Gain insight into how well your campaigns perform by receiving statistics about the number of e-mails sent, bounced, opened, click-rate and other relevant metrics.

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