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About Loyco

The Loyco story

Loyco is a Bergen-based Norwegian company founded in 2015. Our all-in-one loyalty platform is specially designed for the hospitality and retail industries. Our data-driven approach prioritizes customer loyalty and ensures a superior experience for both businesses and their customers.

We believe that customer loyalty is the cornerstone of any successful business. At Loyco, we create customized loyalty programs that align with our core values of making customers feel appreciated and valued. Our ultimate goal is to keep your customers coming back for more and foster long-term business growth. Combining data-driven techniques with a passion for creating customer loyalty, Loyco offers a unique solution to help businesses achieve success. Our commitment to retention without distractions sets us apart.

Our focus


We build long-term relationships with customers and partners for mutual growth and success.

Reach Goals

We prioritize making ethical choices to drive sustainable growth for our customers.

Team Achievements

At Loyco, teamwork is key. We value winning over ego and work collaboratively to achieve success.

Diverse resources to sharpen ideas and balance our approach

We incorporate diverse resources to sharpen our ideas and balance our approach.

A smartphone

Direct communication and personal connection is key, so we prioritize phone calls over emails.

Path icon

We carve our own path and refuse to be slowed down by conventional thinking.

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