Elevate growth with a Loyalty Program:
Retain customers, Boost loyalty, Drive revenue.

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Loyalty programs made easy

Elevate growth with a loyalty program

data collection 2

Multi-source data collection

campaigns and communication

Campaigns and communications

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Member administration


Analytics and result measuring

Loyalty+ data sources

Multi-source data collection

Our loyalty programs streamline member registration by automatically collecting customer data from various sources, including high-traffic channels. Additionally, our Member Insights feature empowers frontline staff to invite new members and manage benefits on behalf of existing, creating a great omnichannel experience for your visitors.

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Campaigns and communication

Automate your customer interaction by creating an automated and digital guest journey. Keep your visitors updated on what´s new and invite them back when you have something exciting to show them. Boost sales and maintain loyalty by keeping your customers engaged with automated, hyper-targeted communication.

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Dashboard with unique purchase insight.

Member administration

With the Loyalty+ dashboard, you can get a comprehensive overview of your members. The intuitive interface makes it effortless to create and modify bonus campaigns, gift cards, and other member perks. Additionally, our segmentation tool enables you to tailor benefits according to tier levels, which encourages repeat purchases and boosts loyalty.

We provide more than just software - our expert tips, customizable templates, and best practices actively support your success.

Member Insight

Member Insights empowers your frontline staff with valuable information to deliver a better customer experience, increase sales, and drive loyalty. Staff can access member data, invite new members, gain insights, and use benefits for existing members. This creates a hybrid digital and personal experience for customers.

Member Insights is flexible and integrates with your preferred system through API or Loyco GUI.

Paul smart member insight
Dashboard with an overview of return of investment on each activity.

Analytics and result measuring

The Loyalty+ dashboard includes full result measuring, allowing you to gauge the performance of your loyalty program. You will gain complete insight into member recruitment, average basket size, top performing products, and other metrics which showcase how well your program is performing. You will also get an overview of the exact return of investment on all activities.

Member profile

Members can easily access their profile with benefits, receipts, support, and settings for a seamless experience.

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Member profile

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