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Shopify Integration

Loyco's software is integrated with the e-commerce platform Shopify. This allows Shopify users to collect data and build loyalty through online purchases.

Shopify includes its own systems for payments and gift cards, and an intuitive design tool for online stores. The platform is used by almost 4 million websites worldwide.

🟡 Integration
October 21, 2022
Which advantages does this provide?

The integration with Loyco's software provides you with the opportunity to build and reward loyalty for both online and physical purchases. Purchases are registered on existing customer profiles, while the integration also allows for enrolment into your loyalty program at the time of transaction.

The systems have a seamless data flow and omnichannel customer experience, meaning that shoppers do not have to register the same data in multiple systems. They therefore enjoy the convenience of having one customer profile with the same transaction history and members´ benefits regardless of in which channel the purchase is made.

Onboarding incentives are an effective tool to gain new members in your loyalty program. Examples of such incentives can be a first-time discount or a gift card upon registration. Registration can be done using the customer´s phone number or Vipps.  

Member registration is quick and easy:

How the integration looks on your website

A plugin which floats in the user´s field of view will be embedded on your website. Customers may click on it and then log in/register. Clicking on the plugin gives the customer a complete overview of bonuses, gift cards, purchase history, and other relevant information. The plugin is available on both desktop and mobile devices. The customers will have a seamless user experience and are free to choose when they wish to redeem their bonuses.

The plugin can be placed to the left or to the right. Its colour can be customised to match your website´s visual profile.  

The customers´ purchase history can be found in your loyalty program´s dashboard. This allows you to send personalised communication and offers to your customers, and to segment your customers into different tier levels. You are free to choose which parameters to use when defining the tier levels.

Redeeming benefits in Shopify

Customers log in by scanning a QR-code in your physical location. You can choose between two separate codes for logging in/registering, or a singular code where shoppers choose between log-in/registration after scanning.  

Logging in brings customers to a personal page in which they can choose which gift cards/bonuses they wish to redeem. They are free to choose whether to redeem some or all of their saved up bonus points at the time of purchase.

From one of our satisfied partners:
“The software provides a seamless user experience for both us and our customers, as all purchases are automatically linked to the correct customer profile. Our customers are satisfied with bonuses and offers, and our loyalty program has helped us increase revenue”.  

Lars Petter Plejdrup Lundteppen
General Manager, Kome / In Good Hands AS  

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