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Our best tips for this year's summer

Summer’s here, and many hotels are about to enter their most hectic and profitable season. In this article, we have gathered our best tips and recommendations for how your hotel can generate activity and revenue this summer.
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Why hotels should use loyalty programs

A loyalty program provides you with the opportunity to offer exclusive benefits to loyal guests, and enables you to communicate with future, current and former visitors. Through active use of the program, you are able to market events at and near your hotel this summer, while simultaneously inviting members in for a stay. This is a great opportunity to generate activity throughout the season.  

Generate activity with the loyalty program

Use the opportunity to communicate with your members. Your program’s digital guest journey should function as an automated invite to a relaxing stay at your hotel this summer.  

You should also consider modifying your program’s campaign structure throughout the summer. If you welcome many guests during the summer, you can, for example, increase the bonus percentage. This will help generate more direct bookings while encouraging increased use of your hotel’s facilities by your guests.  

Guest communication

Interesting events and happenings are often organized during the summer. Does your restaurant have some exciting new menu items, or maybe there’s even a special summer menu? This would be an excellent opportunity to send your guests a newsletter. The newsletter should also include an invitation and/or offer to excite your members even more.  

If you do not wish to offer discounts, you might consider elevating the guest experience by providing convenience benefits instead. For example, members are always happy to receive complementary coffee in the reception area or a free dessert when purchasing a main course. When combined with early check-in/late checkout, these benefits ensure that all members feel especially welcome this summer.  

Are you planning any events or happenings? If yes, you should inform your members and provide relevant offers. Some examples of summer newsletters include:  

If you are not planning on hosting an event at your hotel, chances are that something exciting will happen nearby. This is also a great opportunity to send a newsletter to your members, in which you should invite them to book a stay and/or make a dinner reservation.

The summer brings many opportunities, and a loyalty program from Loyall allows you to maximize revenue throughout the season. Communicating with your members allows you to invite them to summer events and advertise your delicious summer menu, while benefits and incentives encourage guests to book directly and make use of your hotel’s facilities.

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