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Loyalty in the restaurant industry

In the competitive restaurant industry, one depends on satisfied and loyal guests to survive. In this article, we will show you how this can be achieved.
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December 21, 2022

Loyalty Program

A loyalty program allows you to establish unique customer relationships with personal connections, where guests always feel heard and taken care of. Communication is tailored to each individual member of the program, so that content, offers and benefits are based on collected data and membership level. By rewarding repeat visits and sending relevant communication, you build a closer relationship with your guests.

A digital guest database allows you to stimulate increased activity and more restaurant visits during slow periods. For example, campaigns can be created that either apply to selected times of the year or are sent out regularly. You also have the opportunity to send automated communication about relevant news, such as when the restaurant's menu changes.

Another example of automated campaigns is sending personalized greetings in advance of your guests' birthdays, inviting them to celebrate at your restaurant. The invitation should include a discount, a gift card, or other benefits. This form of personal communication is well received and contributes to creating a steady stream of income throughout the year.

By linking membership benefits to the guest's payment card, guests have the opportunity to earn bonuses at the time of transaction and receive digital receipts. You will have access to purchase history and frequency and can use this insight to tailor and personalize communication to each individual guest.

Your guest base can be segmented based on selected parameters, so that each member receives the right communication at the right time. You will also be able to measure the value of your loyalty program by assessing the increase in average purchase amount for members and overall revenue increase.

The loyalty program collects data with the guest's consent, so all user profiles are GDPR-compliant. Privacy and ethical data handling are among our top priorities, and your guests should feel secure that their information will not be misused.

What does a loyal guest base provide?

On average, loyalty members´ visit frequency increases by 43%. They are also more likely to give feedback. A loyal guest base is therefore an important driver for increased value creation, while their feedback is important for the further development of your concept. Loyal and satisfied guests also have a greater likelihood of recommending your restaurant to friends and acquaintances.  

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