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From Loyall to Loyco: Marking a Name Change with the Acquisition of a Technology Company

The Norwegian SaaS company Loyall acquires the Norwegian technology firm Skylabs, which offers complementary services to the hospitality industry, and simultaneously changes its name to Loyco.
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April 17, 2024

Eight years ago, Loyall was established with the aim of building loyalty through customer insights and data. Following robust growth and expansion, the company is now transitioning to Loyco, aiming to become a one-stop-shop for loyalty building in the hospitality and retail sectors.

Our journey from Loyall to Loyco signifies a significant step in our evolution. With this rebranding, we leap into the international arena by expanding our presence to three additional countries and completing a strategic acquisition of a technology company. Loyco is proud to be available in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingsom, Germany and Cyprus. The introduction of Loyco represents not just a new identity but also our growing ambition to position ourselves as a European leading player in loyalty building. As

At The Loyalty Company, we are dedicated to making personalized follow-up and relevant benefits accessible to everyone. We constantly stay updated on the latest in loyalty and technology to make the experience more personal for the customer and more automated for you as a business owner.

Loyco acquires 100% of the shares in the technology company Skylabs.

Skylabs, a Norwegian technology company based in Trondheim since 2009, specializes in data collection and guest network solutions, serving well-known companies such as Steen & Strøm, Adresseavisa, and Dromedar Kaffebar. Loyco's acquisition of Skylabs in its entirety allows us to expand our offerings by integrating Skylabs' solutions as an optional feature in our loyalty platform, while both companies' products remain available individually. The integration of Skylabs with Loyco's existing services enhances data collection and customer engagement capabilities.

- With the acquisition of Skylabs, we take an important step to expand our services, says Christian Erichsen, CEO of Loyco. This partnership enables us to enhance our loyalty platform with additional functionality and strengthens our market position by offering a more comprehensive solution to our customers.

- We are excited to become part of Loyco and look forward to the opportunities this partnership brings, states Thomas Jelle, chairman of Skylabs. Incorporating our technology as an additional feature in Loyco's loyalty platform represents a valuable expansion for both parties. We are enthusiastic about supporting Loyco's goal of improving customer experiences.

Focus on Collaboration

- The name change to Loyco marks a reinforcement of our focus on collaboration, a fundamental principle that has underpinned our business from the start, says Martin Kongsvik, CCO of Loyco. We believe that exceptional customer experiences can only be achieved through close collaboration with our partners and customers. Loyco embodies this spirit of collaboration and underscores our commitment to working hand in hand towards our common goal: to provide superior customer experiences.

Our Optimized Identity

With Loyco, we carry forward the essence of our previous visual identity, while introducing subtle innovations that reflect our growth and vision for the future. Our updated logo is a natural evolution from the previous one, and our existing color palette has been carefully adjusted to continue reflecting our core values. Loyco's logo transition from blue to green symbolizes how the company's core values – trust, ethics, and loyalty – contribute to increased ROI.

Loyco's logo transition from blue to green symbolizes how the company's core values – trust, ethics, and loyalty – contribute to increased ROI.

The Future as Loyco

We continue to deliver the same renowned services, with a renewed commitment to being your loyalty copilot in an increasingly interconnected world.
As Loyco, we look forward to navigating the future together with you, our customers and partners, as we expand our footprint on the international stage. Together, we will build a community of loyalty, driven by collaboration and innovation.

Press contact

Press contact: Martin Kongsvik, CCO Loyco, martin@loyco.no