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EU Designates Booking.com as a “Gatekeeper” - What Does This Mean for the Hotel Industry?

The EU's "Digital Markets Act" is a law from 2022 designed to make markets in the digital sector fairer. Through this law, the EU has now designated Booking.com as a "gatekeeper." This could have a significant impact on the hotel industry today.
June 12, 2024

What is a “Gatekeeper”?

"Gatekeepers" are large digital platforms, such as search engines, that often act as core platforms. By designating Booking.com as a "gatekeeper," it is categorized as a core platform and subjected to the regulations of the "Digital Markets Act," which dictates how they should operate as a digital marketplace.

What Does This Mean for the Hotel Industry?

For the hotel industry, OTAs like Booking.com have been both a blessing and a curse. The increased traffic from the platform has been beneficial for hotels, but using third parties is known to be costly, making it harder to build loyal customers and strong relationships. Now that Booking.com is more regulated, hotels will have greater control over their business operations.

One particularly interesting aspect for hotels with Booking.com being designated as a “gatekeeper” is that they now have to provide business users with access to the data generated through the Booking.com platform. This reduces the issue of data ownership based on where the guest booked their stay.

Loyco’s Solution Facilitates Excellent Communication with Your Guests!

With hotels now able to access their own data from Booking.com, it becomes easier to gain insights into their guest base and thus create effective communication. Loyco's solutions facilitate simple and automated communication with your guests. Not only do we offer loyalty programs, but we also enable the import of data lists into the dashboard so you can communicate with your guests who are not loyalty members as well.

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