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From Internship to job offer

Loyco practices internships to provide opportunities for practical experience, networking, and career exploration. Often, they serve as a bridge between education and a permanent job. In this article, we share a story about our former intern who received a job offer one week after completing their internship.
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October 30, 2023

Internship at Loyco

Meet Alexandra, a master's student in marketing and brand management at NHH with a passion for digital marketing and an interest in the technology industry. She wanted something unique that would set her apart, so she chose an internship at Loyco.

Alexandra began her internship with great enthusiasm. She worked closely with Loyco's marketing team and had the opportunity to work on a good mix of complex tasks without definitive answers and simpler tasks that laid the foundation for her learning throughout the internship. These tasks included campaign planning, market data analysis, various digital marketing assignments, including content creation for social media. She brought fresh ideas and innovative approaches to the table and quickly became a valuable asset to the company

Alexandra describes her internship experience as two-sided: "My experience can be summarized through two key learning aspects. On one hand, I delved deep into the application of theoretical knowledge and research to solve different problems. This integration of theory and practice has strengthened my understanding and ability to approach work-related challenges insightfully, something I see as essential in my future professional roles. On the other hand, working closely with people from various fields has strengthened my ability to consider multiple perspectives in decision-making. Overall, I have gained valuable experiences and insights that I will carry with me in my professional development."

Loyco and Bergen Works

Loyco is part of the co-working community Bergen Works. Øystein Fure, the managing director of Bergen Works, says they put effort into connecting internal members with their networks to foster productive collaborations. Anteo, a technology company that specializes in planning, monitoring, and alerting within the maritime sector, is also a member here. The collaboration among members led to a job offer for Alexandra at Anteo.

The Road Ahead

Alexandra has now secured a permanent position as a marketing associate at Anteo AS, and finds great value in her new role. She considers her time as an intern critical for career development and recommends others to seize similar opportunities.

So, if you are at the beginning of your career, take advantage of the benefits of an internship. It can be the start of your own adventure and open the door to your dream job.

Are you interested in an internship at Loyco? Visit our career page here.