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How to succeed with a loyalty program?

In today's challenging economic situation, loyal customers are even more important than before. A successful loyalty program can help build relationships with existing customers. Read more about how you can succeed with your loyalty program here.
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Loyalty programs are more than software

A loyalty program is more than just the software needed to offer membership benefits to customers. The software is necessary, but it is important to use the software in accordance with your company's brand and goals. Which member benefits are to be offered is a strategic decision linked to what you want to achieve with the loyalty program. A loyalty program does not create customer loyalty if it is not used. It must be actively used and developed to create added value for customers and the company. It is therefore important to develop a strategy for the loyalty program in order to achieve success, and to analyze the results afterwards.

What is a strategy?

A strategy consists of goals and how to achieve them. It is therefore a plan for how to achieve results. Companies often have overall goals and strategies for their operations. Loyalty programs should not be an exception. In order to achieve success, it is important to know what you want to get out of the loyalty program and how to achieve this.

Loyalty strategy for success

To help your company maximize the value of the loyalty program, we have developed an 8-step loyalty strategy. These steps should help you think holistically when creating your loyalty program.

Member recruitment

Offer your customers benefits that make it attractive to become a member.

Training guides

Use our guides to train your employees in program administration.

Establishing goals

Set goals for what the program will achieve and how to achieve it.

Program promotion

Design material to recruit as many members as possible.

Digital customer journey

Design a customer journey that provides tailored and relevant information.


Create newsletters to strengthen your customer relationship.


Use promotions and exclusive offers to generate steady customer traffic.

Analyzing results

Compare results to goals and gauge how successful the loyalty program has been.

By spending time designing the program and deciding which membership benefits to offer, you will increase the likelihood of meeting your customers' needs, and thus build loyalty among existing customers.

A loyalty program has the greatest probability of success when it is seen strategically in the context of the rest of the company. It is therefore important to structure the program so that it is adapted to your customers' needs in order to build loyalty. This can be crucial to retaining customers, especially in challenging economic times.

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