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How to create direct bookings

We challenge OTA channels by creating direct relationships between guests and hotels. Our solutions allow hotels to ensure that guests receive the best terms when booking directly, making guests prefer direct bookings over OTAs.
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March 2, 2023


While OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) are a good source of first-time visitors, hotels should focus on converting these to loyal guests who book directly. This both reduces commission costs and enables hotels to communicate with their guests after their stay.  

Benefits for members

We recommend keeping the best offers exclusive to those who book through the hotel´s own channels. Such offers may include locked membership prices which incentivize direct bookings in the future, while at the same time giving first-time visitors a reason to book directly instead of using an OTA. Locked membership prices are not subject to price dumping from OTAs.  

The value of loyalty

Loyal guests visit 43% more often and spend 23% more money with each visit. They are also more likely to make use of the hotel´s facilities (spa, restaurant, etc.). Loyal guests are also a valuable source of marketing, as they are more likely to recommend your hotel to friends and family.  

We recommend promoting your program on-site, ensuring that all guests are informed about what they miss out on if they do not become members. Table cards, posters in rooms/elevators and invitations from receptionists are excellent opportunities to raise awareness among guests as to why they should become members.  

Get started

A loyalty program from Loyall helps achieve the goal of a loyal guest base. Our programs include all the tools needed to gain insight and build loyalty. A complete program strategy is also supplied, with the industry´s best tips and recommendations for recruitment incentives, campaign structure, segmentation, OTA-reduction and other key metrics.  

Loyall will actively assist hotels with maximizing the value of their loyalty programs. Our solutions provide hotels with insight into and control over their guest base, allowing campaigns and automated guest journeys to be adapted to the guests´ wants and needs.  

The loyalty program also contains an analytics tool which allows for accurate performance measuring. The analytics tool includes a complete rundown of relevant metrics, including but not limited to, average basket size, member recruitment and returning visitors.  

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