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Mews Integration

We are launching an integration with Mews, an efficient property management system (PMS) that simplifies and automates operations for hotels and their guests. The integration between Loyco and Mews enables loyalty building directly from your PMS, allowing you to reduce costs associated with third-party bookings.

🟡 Integration
September 6, 2023

What is Mews?

Mews offers a cloud-based PMS solution tailored for the hotel industry, streamlining hotel and property management. With Mews, you have full control to generate more potential customers by handling reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and billing. Mews thus helps automate repetitive tasks so that receptionists can spend as much of their time as possible on customers to create even better guest experiences.

Integration with Loyco

Loyco offers a digital loyalty solution, Loyalty+, to make it easier to build loyal guests, enabling the hotel to increase revenue through upselling and return visits. Additionally, the number of customers booking their stays through third-party booking companies can be reduced, thus reducing costs associated with such companies.

Loyalty+ integrates with Mews to make loyalty building easy, directly from the PMS system. Guests can be invited to become loyalty members directly from the Mews system, making loyalty building very straightforward. Loyalty+ enables rewarding loyal customers with various benefits, such as bonus points, exclusive discounts, gift cards, and offers. By offering members benefits, you can help foster return visits and reward guests who book their stays directly from the hotel's website, reducing the need for third-party booking companies. Additionally, you can communicate with loyalty members through Loyalty+, both via email and SMS, allowing you to create better guest journeys and offer guests personalized offers and relevant information. This can contribute to better guest experiences, resulting in satisfied customers who want to return.

Why establish your loyalty program?

A loyalty program from Loyco gives you the opportunity to reward and retain your loyal guests while increasing return visits. Loyalty programs strengthen guest loyalty, increase revenue, and provide valuable insights into guest behavior. The data collected about guests can be used to tailor offerings, better meeting guests' needs in the future.

Loyalty+ enables you to offer a variety of member benefits that can help you increase value for guests. Additionally, it is possible to segment guests so that you can communicate relevant information and reward the guests who are most loyal.

Examples of offers you can provide through Loyalty+:

Unlock Loyalty Through Insights

To promote loyalty, it is crucial to understand your guests. Insight into their preferences will allow you to design personalized communication that increases loyalty.

Loyalty+ allows you to digitize the hotel guest journey by delivering targeted emails at every step. This keeps guests informed throughout their stay and invites them back in the future.

A loyal guest base generates more direct bookings, increased visit frequency, and higher average revenue per guest. This allows guests to enjoy an enhanced experience through personalized service tailored to their individual needs.

In collaboration with Mews and Loyco, we provide guests with the opportunity to join your loyalty program during the booking and take advantage of exclusive member benefits. For your existing members, the booking is streamlined as their personal information is pre-filled. New members have an account automatically created with their active consent, making onboarding easy and ensuring high-quality data. This allows guests to quickly benefit from the loyalty program's advantages.

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