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HotSoft Integration

We at Loyco are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with HotSoft, a leader in Property Management Systems (PMS) for the hospitality industry. This partnership represents a significant step in our mission to make loyalty building and direct booking as simple as possible for our customers. The innovative solutions from HotSoft, combined with Loyco's loyalty program, will revolutionize the guest experience and streamline daily operations for hotels and hospitality businesses.

🟡 Integration
April 10, 2024

Who is HotSoft?

HotSoft, developed by Hoist Group, is an advanced PMS offering solutions tailored to hotels of all sizes. With over 300 integrations, HotSoft provides a comprehensive package of features covering everything from booking and front desk operations to financial management. The integration between Loyco and HotSoft is designed to simplify daily routines and provide hotel staff with a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

What benefits does the integration offer?

The integration between Loyco and HotSoft offers several key benefits for hotels and accommodations:

How does the integration work?

When the loyalty program is integrated with Hotsoft PMS, you can invite guests directly from the reception and use member benefits on behalf of the customer at payment. Loyco's widget allows guests to sign up as members when booking their stay. This provides a seamless user experience not only online but also at the hotel itself, where the guest's loyalty benefits can be used directly by the receptionist.

Here's how it will look at the reception during check-in.

Guest Experience in Focus

Through our integration, guests have immediate access to their loyalty benefits and can easily utilize them both online and during their stay. This creates a cohesive and seamless guest experience from booking to checkout and beyond.

Looking to enhance guest loyalty?

Our integration between Loyco and HotSoft is designed to strengthen your bonds with your guests and ensure an outstanding guest experience. To find out more about how the integration can help you, contact us here.