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Loyco's software is now integrated with FrontKom DXP. FrontKom DXP has extensive experience with solutions for e-commerce and online stores, as well as broad platform competence for online stores. The integration with Loyco ensures that you as an online store owner have the opportunity to conduct data collection and create omnichannel loyalty when customers shop with you.

🟡 Integration
April 9, 2024

Who is Frontkom?

Frontkom is a full-service digital marketing agency that works with design, technology, and communication. The company has extensive experience with digital transformations and has developed online stores for several actors, as well as provided strategy and consulting. Now, the loyalty solution is integrated with FrontKom DXP to build loyalty in your online store. In addition, FrontKom can build online stores on the Shopify platform, with which Loyall is also integrated.

If you want to know more about the Loyco x Shopify integration, you can read here.

What advantages will the integration provide you?

Through the integration with Loyco, you have the opportunity to create and reward loyalty online in the same way you do in a physical store. This means that you can link purchases to existing customer profiles, while new customers can easily join your loyalty program when they shop online.

The platform ensures a seamless flow of data and a holistic customer experience across all channels, so customers don't have to register the same information multiple times. Your customers will therefore have one profile with complete purchase history and the same membership benefits regardless of how the purchase is made.

To increase the number of new members in your loyalty program, you can offer registration incentives, such as a discount on the first purchase. Registration can easily be completed by providing a phone number or using Vipps.

How will the integration look on desktop and mobile?

On the online store, a "plugin" is displayed at the bottom left or right of the webpage for desktop, and a banner button at the bottom on mobile. The customer can click on this and then register as a member or log in. Through the plugin, the customer has access to a complete overview of available bonuses, purchase history, and other relevant information.

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The customer's purchase history is displayed in the dashboard for the loyalty program and gives you the opportunity to send out personally tailored communication and relevant offers to your customers, and you can thus segment and organize them by membership level. This can contribute to better customer experiences, create added value for the customer, and thereby increase customer loyalty.

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Through the plugin, customers will get an overview of their bonuses and benefits. Here, they can easily redeem and use them, and in the shopping cart, the final sum is adjusted. These same bonuses and benefits will also be available when they shop in the store. This seamless solution allows you to build loyalty across physical stores and online stores.

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