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Front Systems Integration

We are launching a new integration with the cash register system Front Systems. The integration makes it possible to build loyalty by giving customers benefits both physically in store and online with a seamless customer experience. This can stimulate loyal customers, repurchases and upselling, which in turn can increase turnover.

🟡 Integration
May 25, 2023

What is Front Systems?

Front Systems is a cash register system, tailored for the retail industry, which creates omnichannel customer journeys with the customer at the centre. With Front Systems, you can achieve a competitive advantage by combining in-store and online sales, which therefore creates a pleasant experience for the customer.  

Integration with Loyco

Through the integration, you as a Front Systems user can invite customers to become members of your loyalty program from your cash register system. Customers receive an SMS to complete their membership registration, and after registration is complete, they get access to their membership benefits. Members can then use their benefits both physically in store and when shopping online. With this integration you can therefore:

By having a loyalty program integrated directly with your cash register system, both you and your customers can experience benefits. Customers can experience that they get more value when they shop with you and a good experience with the seamless customer journey. Therefore, the store can experience increased turnover with more satisfied and loyal customers.  

Why invest in a loyalty program?

At Loyco, we want to simplify creating good customer relationships in the retail industry. Large online stores make it more difficult for small and medium-sized stores to compete. By creating good customer experiences and customer journeys, it is easier to compete against the larger players. That is why a loyalty program is very useful.

With a loyalty program, you can provide customized benefits to customers that are perceived to be relevant to the customers. It also becomes easier to communicate with customers and through segmentation in the loyalty program, communication can be adapted so that customers do not experience redundant and useless information. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, which in turn can create higher turnover.

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