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Techotel Integration

We are launching a new integration with Techotel. Techotel provides Picasso, an all-in-one solution for PMS and restaurant systems. Today, the system is used by more than 900 hotels across Northern Europe, and continues to grow. The integration with Loyco has contributed to simplifying loyalty building and direct booking.

🟡 Integration

What is Techotel?

Techotel develops and operates IT solutions tailored for players in the hospitality industry, delivering, among other things, Picasso, an all-in-one solution for PMS and restaurant systems, which includes several features such as an automatic booking engine, digital assistant, and solutions for accounting and reporting. The system primarily focuses on simplifying and automating tasks, providing employees with a seamless and hassle-free experience.

How does the integration between Loyco and Techotel work?

Through the integration, guests have the opportunity to join the loyalty program to receive and use exclusive member benefits. If the guest is not an existing member, Picasso will search the database and provide opportunities for the receptionist to invite guests to become members.

For existing members, Picasso will provide a complete overview of valuable information including available member benefits and bonus points. Guests then have the option to redeem the benefits at the hotel or choose to save them for their next stay. Members have the ability to redeem bonus points themselves through Picasso's booking engine, whether it's for hotel rooms, spa, or restaurant bookings. This will increase the proportion of direct bookings while reducing costs associated with third-party bookings.

The integration thus provides guests with a range of benefits, including the ability to earn and redeem benefits from the first booking. This makes it easy to build loyalty and reward customers who repeat their stays. The customer profiles generated also allow you to send out automatically tailored communication and personalized offers to both current and past guests. This provides guests with a seamless and easy booking experience, allowing you to focus on creating a unique and tailored guest experience.

Why is it profitable to establish a loyalty program?

A loyalty program from Loyco will be crucial for hotels looking to build lasting relationships with their guests. The programs are tailored to create a deeper connection with guests by rewarding loyalty. Through customized rewards, as well as exclusive benefits and special offers, you can not only encourage guests to make repeated visits but also create a sense of valued belonging.

In addition to strengthening guest loyalty, loyalty programs also offer significant financial benefits. Through more return visits and increased guest satisfaction, loyalty programs become a long-term investment that pays off. Through the loyalty program, valuable data can be collected about guest preferences and behavior that can be used to tailor offerings and improve the guest experience. Thus, loyalty programs function not only as a marketing strategy but as a powerful resource for hotels looking to make a lasting impact on guest loyalty and satisfaction.

In addition, our solutions will also provide members with various and varied benefits. Benefits, such as bonus points, gift cards, practical benefits, and special offers, can be tailored to the membership level so that the most loyal guests are rewarded extra well. Our systems allow you to digitize the hotel guest journey by delivering targeted emails at every step. This keeps guests informed throughout their stay and invites them back in the future. A loyal guest base generates more direct bookings, increased visit frequency, and higher average revenue per guest. This allows guests to enjoy an enhanced experience through personalized service tailored to their individual needs.


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