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BookVisit Integration

BookVisit is one of our integrations, and is an effective tool for direct hotel bookings. The integration enables loyalty building, increases direct bookings and can reduce costs associated with third-party bookings.

🟡 Integration
May 8, 2023

What is BookVisit?

BookVisit is a booking solution that can be integrated directly on the hotel's website, and provides opportunities for direct booking and upselling. With BookVisit you have full control over pricing in all channels, and an overview of where you generate the most income. This overview gives you the opportunity to make informed decisions about pricing, and optimize the income for the hotel.

Integration with Loyco

The Loyco integration gives guests the opportunity to join the loyalty program during the booking process and take advantage of unique membership benefits. In addition, it will be easier for existing members to complete bookings, as personal information is pre-filled. For new members, an account is automatically created after their active consent, so that onboarding is easy and you get optimal data quality. This means that guests can quickly enjoy the benefits of the loyalty program.

The integration gives guests a number of benefits, including the ability to earn and redeem benefits from the first booking. This makes it easy to build loyalty and reward revisits. The customer profiles that are generated also allow you to send out automatically customized communications and personalized offers to both current and past guests. This gives guests a seamless and easy booking experience, and enables you to focus on creating a unique and customized guest experience.

Loyco's solutions

Loyalty programs from Loyco helps to increase customer loyalty by promoting and rewarding loyal customers. As a result, you can increase your hotel's revenue, as loyal customers visit more often and generate more revenue per visit.

Members can be segmented, so that communication is as relevant as possible. Member benefits such as bonuses, gift cards, convenience benefits and offers can be scaled according to membership level, so that the most loyal guests are rewarded particularly well. With our loyalty programs, you can also give members gift cards on birthdays, which can contribute to a steady flow of income throughout the year, and increased customer loyalty. Earning of bonus points is linked to the guest's booking so that the bonus is earned automatically, which simplifies the building of loyalty. We also provide the opportunity to use seasonal promotions, which can help hotels stimulate activity during quiet periods.

Build loyalty with insight

A prerequisite for being able to communicate customized information and personal offers is insight about your guests. By having insight into your guests' preferences, you can create the customized communication that builds loyalty.

Our systems allow you to digitize the guest journey for the hotel so that guests receive targeted emails throughout the guest journey. The guest can then be kept up to date with relevant information throughout their stay, while they can also be invited back at a later time.

With a loyal guest base, you can increase your results by receiving more direct bookings and a higher frequency of visits and average purchases for your guests. In addition, your guests will be able to have a better experience, as they will receive good and personal service related to their individual needs.

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